Jeeo is an AI Corporate Concierge

Use Jeeo to navigate and locate the content your staff need to meet common inquiries and requests.

Jeeo is operational 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Both users and administrators can interact with Jeeo through the familiar interface of Office 365 (SharePoint and Teams) alongside Power BI.

reduce support costs for key corporate services teams.




(AI)-powered search engine for your corporate documents


(AI)-powered search engine learns as you use it, quickly serving up the exact information you need

Dramatically reduce hours per proposal

Easy to use. built for the whole team.

Your Subject Matter Experts and proposal writers can create better proposals, in less time, and for less work with ReDocks search capabilities.



AI powered auditing platform


Machine learning algorithms analyze 100% of your data, including all monetary flows between accounts Examines full transactions, looking at the monetary flows between accounts, all credits and all debits. No wasting time on data ingestion and account groupings. No need to use IT resources, scripting and training on CAAT tools. Interface provides a hub to explore data at a more granular level, where detailed risk assessments, and their explanations are just a click away.



An end-to-end electronic Automotive Collission Data Report delivery solution


Provides insurance partners and involved parties with less expensive means for Crash Data Evidence Preservation

The guided order system facilitates crash data evidence preservation at up to 1/60th the cost of hiring a technical expert to travel to the vehicle with specialized equipment.

Our Online Order and Report Management system can be used by Insurance Companies, Claims Professionals, Legal Professionals, Police & Government, and the general Public.

Quickly detect and prevent motor vehicle accident fraud.



Lightning fast microarray and RNA-seq data analysis engine


Extract the valuable features that can be used to build predictive models for diagnosis, prognosis or treatment of diseases.



All-in-One Business Analytic Platform


Easy to use interface: Everyday business users can use to create their own metrics, reports, data visualizations and dashboards. Qrvey is a single, unified platform that combines data collection, analysis and automation into a powerful data solution for your entire enterprise.Built on cloud-native technologies like Elasticsearch, Qrvey can process hundreds of millions of rows with ease, turning the promise of big data into reality.Structured, unstructured and semi-structured data can be analyzed and automated along with files, documents, images, audio, video and moreEffortlessly embed any portion of the Qrvey platform, including analytics, automation and data collection, into other web or mobile applications.



Training and development-Data science


Real-world projects are built into each curriculum to help users develop the high-demand data science skills and experience.

WeCloudData runs a data science community with over five thousand members, and working with famous data-driven companies in North America to collaborate on various events, including hands-on workshops, networking events, hackathon...

Courses include comprehensive study and library material, and access to support resources such as communication skills coach and career counselor.



Meaningful Health and Wellness Information through Applied Artificial Intelligence


Interactive and insightful personal health monitoring solution, by innovating in the fields of artificial intelligence, machine learning, data tagging, signal processing, and internet of things.Get accurate information about your health

Be informed of health issues before they become serious

Reduce risks of heart disease and related conditions by through better measuring blood pressure regularly

Ensure your body is functioning at its best